Unboxing Calendar 2023

Follow TechDanne in his kitchen as he struggles to unbox things with an almost impossible combination of fan noise, poor lighting, demanding family life etc. This is a couple of weeks of really learning things until Santa comes. It was a rough start with Nedis SmartLife Floor Lamp RGB WiFi… Thing that had to go back to Inet.se.

Not For Gamers

Do you want the best stress tool for overclocking GPU in MSI Afterburner? Well then you should only consider Cinebench as a complement. Not even Furmark is good enough. In this test I will show you why.

As Time Goes By…

Do you remember the first decade of Internet? Some of you were to young or not even born. Internet boomed in the middle of 90’s. I used Internet for the first time 1995. I was going in school and we had 486 and Pentiums connected to the Internet. It was really slow and that’s why chats like IRC was to prefer. It was a time of pranks and anarchy but after downloaded low-res photos of Pamela Andersson 1000 times we were really serious. The IRC platform were great for chatting with other nerds as well as arrange spontaneous parties. Soon Mirabilis ICQ become popular, but IRC never died. You can still use and enjoy IRC.

This is a cool looking retro PC-case!

I will probably do a follow up since I’m going to build something and tell things about my old black Wave Master.

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